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john mark
4th April 2001, 23:16
Good friend from Holland is in today and we're sipping Blue Label (I'm Chinese so I don't know better) and smokin Monte Cristo.

The real issue is what wine with a lobster dinner?

Neil Yamamoto
4th April 2001, 23:36
Well, I seem to be answering booze questions today.

How are you going to have the lobster?

For broiled or steamed, an Oregon Pinot grigio or a Chardonnay, very dry would be good.

For grilled, a Pinot Noir or again a Chardonnay

For Newburg - Ugh
A chardonnay or a Chablis

I'm not a wine drinker, I only have one liver and I reserve that for whisky, but I have learned a little bit from the wino's er, wine drinkers I know.

5th April 2001, 08:57
I would definetly go with the Chardonnay or Chablis.
A Swayer Cellars or Peregine (both from Napa Valley and easy on the pocket)

Go for a Ice Wine, (~$50-$70) and steam the Lobster if you really want to impress!!

5th April 2001, 12:10
To go with lobster an Sancerre is good also there is a dry Italian white wine called Verdicchio which is very good with shell fish. If European wine is unavailable a good unoaked californian chardonnay will be delicious. I hope you enjoy your dinner.
Alacoque Meehan

Greg Woodliff
5th April 2001, 20:40
You may also wish to try champagne or a good sauvignon blanc. I have been drinking some very tasty New Zealand sauvignon blancs lately such as Villa Maria and Cloudy Bay.

john mark
5th April 2001, 22:28
We had a chardonnay from Oz and couple of bottles of Veuve Clicquot as it was the wife's birthday.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.