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5th April 2001, 01:32
Well guys I was just surfing the net and practising different fist positions and strikes when suddenly this stream of consciousness hit me.. its weird but.. here goes (I do not mean to offend any other religions by my use of God and christianity, it is only my belief, I apologise if that offends).As always I am doing research on different styles and after practicing in shotokan, JKD, and starting in jujutsu ..... I do want to learn atemi and kyusho b/c they are the most powerful strikes and probably several different styles of traditional aikijujutsu and jiu-jutsu maybe gracie style...

. well after comparing notes I have an opinion on it.. .. If you really think, the most effective arts stay within a certain area , that is with no wasted motion ... the eight way sword of most kenjutsu/kendo ryu, the eight way stepping of the indonesian/filipino arts, the eight trigram palm of bagua/pakua , and all grappling and ground arts that are most effiecent use some kind of angular/circular movements from an eight way formula... not saying others are not effective even in karate your movements are based on some kind of formula ....

And note that most of the martial arts training is represented by completing the circle and adapting within it and beyond it .. you go from no techniques, to techniques, back to no technique, that is your body should flow automatically with no training to defend itself .. which drilling on so many katas and techniques may hamper... with a few simple moves, but having an extremely raised awareness and ki control and 'feel' , you would find openings in any of the thousands of fighting arts... therefore while you would not be undefeatable, you would be an extremely proficient artist, unless someone else used the universal principles... and that would make all techniques familiar to that persons personal characteristics .. in sinking within themselves they will learn how to mesh with the universal kokoro and therefore handle conflicts better b/c it will be understood that conflict is part of the cycle ... and you have two ways to adapt to it if possible, strike it and shatter it, or envelop it and let it flow past...

If you look at a compass it is round, but then the path from any point to the other without waste of energy, or motion is linear .. and basically that principle comes from the electromagnetic energy of earth ... being that we have some of that same energy running through us ... so being that fighting styles are influenced by that to some extent ... and although some styles have high kicks and low punches .. if you use only feet on the lower body (from solar plexus on down) and hand strikes on upper (solar plexus up) your striking potential will be faster and more efficient energy wise.., use right side to block attacks from right... and either to block from middle ,, etc

not to say you cannot proceed beyond this as the situation arises and adaptiveness delineates, but if this was the basic readiness posture then along with energy manipulation, pressure point and ki knowledge, grappling(based on the angles within the circle, it would be one of the most devastating principled styles on earth, not chock full of techniques like most arts... but mainly you would do some practice on a few basic strikes that fit you, everyones will be similar in principle but differ in execution, and grappling(immobilization, throws), and a lot of still and moving meditation to make sure your energy is equally in all parts of your body at all times ... that way your sense is heightened .....and if pressed to attack at the split second you hit or contact the opponent your enery either focuses on and hits his at a small point as in a strike, or it embraces, enfolds, and controls his as in grappling ... simple principles really, but you have to be able to apply it..

but then the addect aspect is with the practice of these principles , you would be so mentally relaxed that you would only battle if necessary and you would be in good health b/c of the energy dispersion... and if this were ever to be mastered by most , then there would be less conflict than there is now on earth b/c people would know that all of us contain a part of the universal whole of God's creation, and we would feel that in our Ki

(at least it would be eliminated over petty stuff b/cconflict is a part of imperfection, God is perfect and His own imperfect angels fought Him .. i.e. Lucifer, but when God ends it all it will be no conflcit anymore, for He will bless us with HIs perfection)

Well that may have been the stupidest opinion anyone has ever heard but I think I am on my way to understanding universal principles .. based on more prayer,God's guidance, other arts, and meditation and being adaptable and aware...


matthew kelly
5th April 2001, 02:35
that's not stupid at all - i faced a moment of enlightenment just last month that was rather similar in nature (although a bit more... general, hehe), and rather as broad in scope. your percepts define <i>munen muso</i> or attitude: no-attude perfectly, i happen to think.

you didn't offend me with your opinions on god and prayer: i think the way you're seeing it IS universal, even though i'm not really into god or prayer or whatever.

like my instructor shawn was telling me just the other day, the basics are all the same. "tae kwon do", "wing chun", "katatedo", "isshinryu"... all mean 'the way of the hand and the foot' or something similar. there's a kick. there's a punch. there's a palm strike, or a forearm block.

the basics seem to be all the same, so what's at the heart of it all? the same system. so what are we really studying? i think we're studying pretty much different aspects of the same thing up until we reach shodan or so, because that's when learning the specifics of the arts really begins.

...just my thoughts on it all, though. hope <i>i</i> don't offend anyone.

5th April 2001, 03:45
Well i do agree with that. And once you reach the higher rank there you get the knowledge on how the base principles are utilized in the most efficient for of the specific art. Which then gives you a whole new learning based on the advanced teachings and your own way of thinking and philosophy.

I advanced only midlevel in shotokan and TKD, but they were sport and I wnated combat. I researched JKD and went to many seminars but it was actually diluted from Lee's own hybrid so I still go but as far as training in JKD .. after a while beig under an instructor will not allow me to grow, and growing is the essence and philosophy of JKD.

I am just an extreme pragmatist, which makes most people look at me askance(especially women and emotionally sensitive people), but then that same philosophy has actually let me win some sparring bouts with ranked artists in TKDand dfferent types of Karate,(which those two arts proliferate TN).

By no means am I close to being a good martial artist, but understanding and not sticking to usual form sometimes gives you an advantage, as well as other factors.

Sayonara Matthew

Kit LeBlanc
7th April 2001, 15:35
I smell a "new style" being formed...

Kai, from you recent posts, I recommend you check out Yi Quan (I ch'uan), also known as Dachengquan, I think you would like it.


8th April 2001, 00:47
I agree that many arts are the same. I also agree that many arts are different. Just as cultures are different, clans are different, in fact every person is different; the arts that arise from those cultures, clans or people are also different. However, we are all human, and so all martial arts are the same.
Musashi (I don't know how to spell it) once said "To know the one is know ten thousand. To know ten thousand is to know the one"
I think what you are describing is what all martial arts were origionally founded on.... I hope some day that I may be so fortunate as to glimpse the truth.

Thank you,
Tom Berkery

9th April 2001, 10:34
Thank you Kit

isnt I-Chuan a school of Hsing-i/Xingyi ?

Correct me if i am wrong ... let me know more info and I will check it out...
Just that I think a lot and well I do feel that aarts should be instinctive...

Tom , well you are a martial artist and all of us will glimpse the truth one day. I tend to be childlike and idealistic in some of my thinking. I take responsibility and am mature, but I dont let the intricasies of the world dampen my imagination and thinking.

True that may sound nonchalant to most.. but if you combine, study gain knowledge and simplify you will usually be close to the truth.
Younger children without much knowledge of worldliness can see souls, so it is said. and they know the truth.

Also a fair amount of experience in the world also pushes you to accept simplicity and a true way. Ancient sages and older masters are examples of this.

And there are some of us who at any time just are tired of the complications and want a more efficient way.

blessings to all

Novice TN guy

9th April 2001, 11:34
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Gogita9x
[B]Thank you Kit

isnt I-Chuan a school of Hsing-i/Xingyi ?

YAMANTAKA : Uh...No! I Chuan was DEVELOPED from Hsing Yi Chuan but it is considered a new art, not just a "school" of Hsing Yi. You may get more information searching for I CHUAN (or Ta Cheng Chuan) at www.google.com or www.mamma.com