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3rd January 2017, 03:30
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3rd January 2017, 23:14
Great article. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jeff Cooper while in the Marine Corps and training at Gunsite. His house was built on a cliff, and the windows where firing ports. His library was massive. It doesn't surprise me that Donn Draeger, a combat Marine, would have those views on firearms in regards to the "the development of human combative behavior". Hunter Armstrong even has a combat shooting course at his Spartan Training Center. "One Mind, Any Weapon", used by the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program was coined by Mr. Armstrong, as having a large part to play in its development, along with Col. George Bristol.

22nd February 2017, 02:52
Good read!

Thank you for posting it.

22nd February 2017, 21:53
Thanks for reading, Chris. I'd read it before but it was a surprise to find it again. In so many ways what's old is new...