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14th February 2017, 10:34
Hi All,

Having practiced martial arts during my college years (Wado Ryu) and for a little while after (Kickboxing).. I became interested and consumed by playing football (soccer)... now later in life with a family and effectively retired from football, I have rediscovered my earlier passion for martial arts through my kids, by joined their club (Dublin Tomiki Aikido (http://www.tomikiaikido.ie)) a little less than four years ago. ... It's great to be back training again, and especially in an art that is mentally and physically challenging.... but more so, that I have the opportunity to share and enjoy a budo tradition with my two girls (9 and 12). We are now looking forward to the day their younger brother (3) takes to the mats.


Cady Goldfield
15th February 2017, 03:47
Hello, vonryan. Welcome to E-Budo, and thank you for the bio. That's a great photo!
Re-discovering martial arts can be very rewarding, especially when your kids are now involved. We hope you enjoy the journey, and find these discussion forums helpful and engaging.