View Full Version : "Functional Aiki" DVD (for Aikidoka and others) from Salahuddin Muhammad

Cady Goldfield
7th April 2017, 17:06
Using the context of Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu, including some of the art's tanto jutsu work, as the vehicle for demonstration, Salahuddin Muhammad Sensei has produced a detailed 2-hour video on the basic principles of internal body method and aiki.

Aikidoka and other serious martial artists seeking to understand and incorporate "internals" into their arts and systems will find a wealth of information and instruction they can use, including solo and partner exercises to provide a progressive regimen that will help develop a stable structure and the ability to generate, direct and utilize aiki.

The video is available as a direct download. Once purchased, individuals will be given a private link, sent to their e-mail address.

This edited clip hints at some of the process involved, but mostly demonstrates its effects. The actual video is packed with detailed material. To inquire and/or order a copy, send your queries and requests to: imaspresident@gmail.com