View Full Version : Australian hardwood custom Bokuto

21st April 2017, 02:16
My name is Stu Smith, from Australia.
Australian hardwood timbers have some unique properties, growing in a often harsh climate.
I have access to old growth timbers such as Queensland Ironbark, Redgum and box (all eucalypts).

From my searching, these timbers are largely unknown in the martial arts wooden weapon world, although they have been used by the aboriginal people for various wooden weapons for tens of thousands of years.

To this end, I have made some Bokuto in Aikido, Kenjutsu and Kendo styles in various timbers with the view of demonstrating in a practical way the properties of these timbers.

I take and post Youtube video of every Bokuto during it's practical testing while they are progressing from blank to finished product.

I will put some links in, but if you type SamisaBokken into the Youtube search some will come up.
(highlight the link, right click, select 'go to....', it will come up.

Feel free to contact me for a chat or to give some feedback!

All the best,

Stu Smith