View Full Version : My first Rokushaku Bo - on a budget

9th June 2017, 09:36
Hello folks.

I'm after a bit of advice. I'm looking to get my first Rokushaku Bo, but I'm on a budget, as I've plenty of other stuff to get too...

I'm wondering if there's much of a difference between these two...?



I've been warned that cheaper staffs can be warped, but the price is rather tempting...

Any guidance and opinions would be welcomed...



Ellis Amdur
9th June 2017, 13:26
Well, regarding the 2nd choice, there is no such thing as "ash wood oak" - so whatever it's made of, who knows - maybe good, maybe not. If you are going to have impact, nine circles (kashi) is a good choice. If you are just doing solo training, it probably doesn't matter one way or the other.

9th June 2017, 18:00
Nine circles is a very serious company run by a long time japanese martial art teacher. They do sell quality stuff. I, too wanted to purchase such a bo in the past and I had chosen Nine circles, but the shipping cost were definetly too important. Within UK the prices are way more affordable. I would definetly recomend Nine circles.

Ellis Amdur
11th June 2017, 19:20
By the way, I know someone who makes excellent hickory or jojoba bo. In the USA. Very reasonably priced. Send me a PM if you are interested. Ellis Amdur

6th July 2017, 11:57
Thank you all for your information.