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14th July 2017, 11:02
Hi...!I am Boxer from bolton, UK I don't know too much about Traditional Karate but I know about Boxing and its Equipment like Boxing Cloths, Gloves like MMA, gym, and muay-thai Gloves (https://rdxsports.co.uk/gloves/boxing/) and Gears etc, but I want to know list of Equipment using these days in Traditional Karate please :)Thanks

len mccoy
18th July 2017, 23:30
Hello Captain,
Tough question because you have to start with what is traditional karate.
I would be tempted to say makiwara but Uehara and Oyata would both be considered extremely traditional and neither liked makiwara.
Speaking from my actual experience.
I started in Kyokushinkai on the 80s. we used heavy bags and weights instead of more classical hojo undo equipment. No padding on hands or body was used. Dynamic tension was frequently checked by sensei striking us with shinai. we also trained in bo, sai, tonfa and nunchaku.
That however isn't the whole story for Kyokushinkai. Back in the old day before they took the face punch out of sparing they wrapped their hands in towels so they were less likely to get a broken tooth infecting there hand. In Mas Oyama's book "Essential Karate" he shows protective equipment but when it was used is unknown to me. Also punching pine trees is a popular Kyokushonkai activity.
Moving on to Shorin Ryu with Kise Sensei.
Heavy bags and makiwara were the most common training equipment. We had bogu armor on the dojo walls but I never saw it in use and I was in the dojo almost every night for six months. We also used bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku and kama. I know at one time Nakamura Sensei (who is one of Kise Sensei's teachers) was promoting bogu sparring.
Look around and you will see some truly interesting tools used by styles like Uechi Ryu but I think I better-leave further advice to those who know more.
Len McCoy

31st January 2019, 16:46
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1st February 2019, 17:36
The answer depends on how and what a particular dojo/Sensei trains.

I train traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do. All I need is a decent floor and some quality training partners. In the past, i've trained heavy bag, focus mits and makiwara as well as various hoju undo gear, but not to much any more.

I also train Matayoshi Kobudo. For this, we use a variety of kobudo weapons.