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Federico Calboli
5th April 2001, 14:28
Dear members,

reading trough the files at koryu.com I did notice something I think quite strange. KSR was founded around 1530 and we are now at the 65th headmaster. This figure is something like 3 times the average number of headmasters of koryu founded at the same time or earlier.

Can anyone explain why becoming headmaster of the KSR somehow decreases life expectancy ? or more prosaically, why so many headmasters ?


Federico Calboli

10th April 2001, 01:49
The number 65 refers to the number of generations since the main line of the Yoshikawa family established itself in the area of the Kashima Grand Shrine. I do not have a reference work to consult just now, but writing from memory I would guess that the Yoshikawa family traces it geneology at least as far back as the Taika period (ca. 650).

The date 1530 refers to the time when Tsukuhara Bokuden (a member of the Yoshikawa family) formulated a distinctive approach to the earlier Kashima traditions. Since the time of Tsukuhara Bokuden the head of the Yoshikawa family has been entrusted with preserving his teachings in the form of "Kashima-Shintoryu." (There are other groups that also trace their methods back to Tsukuhara Bokuden, but they use other designations.)

As a result, the designations "head of Yoshikawa family" and "head of Kashima-Shintoryu" both refer to the same person. The generational count, however, refers only that person's familial status.

Federico Calboli
10th April 2001, 23:54
Prof. Bodiford,

Thanks a lot for taking time to answer my question.

Federico Calboli