View Full Version : Techniques against the larger guys

12th September 2017, 04:15
Hi, This is mainly for the Aikidoka but can go to the other disciplines, of late i have been training with guys who are very big and very hard to move around a good example would be shihonage. Now normally would switch to a different technique but its for training any steps that you could suggest to assist.

Brian Owens
12th September 2017, 04:43
It's mainly a matter of more experience. In the beginning it's natural to try to throw your uke using your own strength. As you gain experience you'll get better with timing and movement so that uke is throwing himself to get out of the pain induced by your technique. Sometimes just an inch more movement in one direction or another is enough to do the trick.

Here's a video I found that you might find helpful:


[Edited to add...] Also, don't forget to REALLY work on basics: move from one point, extend ki, etc.