View Full Version : Bujutsu schools enbu in Barcelona. 28/10/2017

Sekiguchi Kenryű
20th October 2017, 14:57
This year in October 28th in Spain we will have a small koryű bujutsu convention with many of the koryű schools as well other non-koryű ryűha by the hands of their official shibuchô recognized by the school leaders in Japan. The Shoshinkan dojo in colaboration with the Japanese Consulate in Barcelona and the Japan Fundation will organize this meating of arts and martial arts. Specially recomended for people that want to have a fast look about the japanese bujutsu with representation in Spain.

- Asayama Ichiden ryu.
- Musô Jikiden Eishin ryű iaijutsu.
- Tenshin Shôden Katori Shintô ryű.
- Nihon den Tenshin Koryű kenpo.
- Shintô Musô ryű jôjutsu.
- Sui Ô ryű iaikenpo.
- Ryôen ryű naginatajutsu.
- Nihon den Daito ryű aikijujutsu.
- Tatsumi ryű heihô.