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Nihonto Europe
23rd November 2017, 12:13
Hello there! Thank you for the approval : )
My name is Martin and I specialise in Japanese swords.

I have a Facebook page "Nihonto Europe" and a YouTube channel with the same name.

There are mainly Japanese swords there:


Main purpose is to build 2 different sword reference sites:
On YouTube - Videos of actual blades (where some are for sale)
On Facebook - Reference&Supporting documents to blades by request

I schedule by default 3 videos on YouTube every 2 days (Mon-Fri) and some extras by request, which means at least 9 every week.


Cady Goldfield
24th November 2017, 19:36
Welcome to E-Budo, Martin.
You have already found the forums where it is appropriate to post about your work with swords, and your business. We hope you will use them successfully. Keep in mind that the discussion forums are for non-commercial use. All commercial/business posts and links should be kept on the Nomi no Ichi forum. Personal sales of swords may be posted on the Buy, Sell, Trade forum. Thank you, and best wishes.

Nihonto Europe
24th November 2017, 20:48
Thank you Cady,

This is my personal collection of swords. A few years ago I decided to sell off my blades.

As a part of my interest and the difficulty for others who are not able to read the old Japanese writings I help and assist in any way I can. Sometimes, to cover my expenses and time, I'm forced to take some form of payment. Books are not cheap and I have more books than I have swords.

If I for some reason post in any wrong discussion forum it is purely unintentionally. I'm actually not counting on having any successful sales here as I rather work with auction companies because their knowledge are zero. Guys at forums like this have often little knowledge, but not enough to make a purchase that makes both the buyer and seller happy at the same time. That is my experience. I happy if many people visit my YouTube channel and maybe ask me for opinions on blades and maybe they have a blade of their own that I can help them sell or identify to make more money on a future sell.


Cady Goldfield
26th November 2017, 02:34
Thank you, Martin. I am sure that there are many who could benefit from your knowledge and the services you offer.