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Cady Goldfield
31st January 2018, 04:35
Here is a short clip from a new instructional video on applications of tessen (iron fan) jutsu, by Salahuddin Muhammad, head of Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu. This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to a classical weapon, in an easy-to-follow format.

The video is available as a download and will also soon be in DVD format as well. Ordering info is in the video clip. Enjoy!


31st January 2018, 23:47
A made up style teaching made up techniques that have no validity. Not worth the money.

Cady Goldfield
1st February 2018, 02:55
A made up style teaching made up techniques that have no validity. Not worth the money.

No, completely legitimate and a genuine expression from the life work of Okazaki Shuji, who immigrated to the US from Japan in the 1960s. He was a student of Yoshida-ha Daito Ryu and Kukishinryu, as well as several other koryu and neoclassical arts. Tessen jutsu was part of Okazaki Shuji's full system of weapons work, and the waza demonstrated in this video are all representative of the principles and concepts of their art of origin.

My suggestion is that anyone who has questions about the origins of this material, should make an effort to communicate with Mr. Muhammad or attend one of his seminars to feel it first-hand, to learn more about his teacher's art. Also, individuals stating that the material presented is "made up" and contrived, should provide proofs, and include their own credentials and personal connections that make them expert on the subject. Otherwise, opinions -- such as that of the poster above -- have no validity or basis in fact or experience.

Cady Goldfield
9th March 2018, 01:03
Available now. The henka waza depicted in this video are traditional in their principles, but pragmatic in contemporary application.


21st March 2019, 03:40
Hello Cady Goldfield, Your post states this video is available in download and soon DVD, Is the download the same price minus shipping? Also what is the length of the video?

Tom Thornton

Cady Goldfield
23rd March 2019, 06:08
Hi Tom,
I'm not sure whether the video is still available, but I will inquire for you, and get the other info as well, if it's still for sale.