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len mccoy
5th May 2018, 16:58
Well going back to Sidney's The Warrior Path there is a chapter about Mitsusuke Harada Sensei. In it he talks about Hakkei and says it is a fairly uncommon concept in Japanese Martial Arts but common in Chinese Martial arts. My first thought was Fajin. Well I found kanji for Hakkei on a Tomiki Aikido site (発勁). Second character is in fact Jin as in Fajin,but the first was a mystery for a while. When I eventually tracked down kanji I found it is a simplified character for Fa as in fajin.
I would be interested to know if those if you with better linguistics skills think I am right or wrong.
Len McCoy

7th May 2018, 13:39

Yes, the Japanese term “hakkei” 發勁 (old) or 発勁 (modern) is the Chinese term “fa-ching” 發勁 (transcripted more commonly “fajin”). Please note, however, that the same term may be interpreted different by different people.


Henning Wittwer