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8th August 2018, 08:19
Hi there and thanks in advance.

I am looking for an interpretation for the phrase Kokorao Gamai, and I was wondering if the collective might have some thought they could share for me?

I am currently writing a paper in and around the subject.

Thank you.

13th August 2018, 21:12
Hi Jason,
Welcome to e-budo.
I have heard the phrase used in reference to preparedness, or maintaining the proper frame of mind. However, it isn't a commonly used phrase in the Mugai ryu that I practice and I don't speak Japanese myself, so I've only anecdotal knowledge of it.

If you don't mind me asking, why are you writing a paper about it if you don't know what it means, or were you looking for alternative interpretations to the one used within your practice?

Just curious.

13th August 2018, 23:14
Hi Paul,

many thanks for the reply. The paper is actually about the concept of Kokoro, and by extension my Instructor has asked me to investigate the concept of Kokoro Gamai as well. As I understand it the phrase relates to preparedness of mind, but I was wondering if anyone had any further interpretations of the subject. I've also found that it relates to sincerity of intent with regards to practice in some interpretations as well. As a Karate practitioner I'm familiar with Kokoro and Shin Gi Tai, but hadn't come across Kokoro Gamai much.



15th August 2018, 00:43
Trying to write a paper about the Japanese concept of Kokoro could potentially turn into a novel, as they use it for all sorts of things. :)
Research is good though. My understanding is pretty much in line with yours regarding Kokoro Gamai. If you think about it though, sincerity of intent is also a part of preparedness.

Hopefully someone with more familiarity of the subject will chime in. Don't know if it will happen though as traffic on almost all forums has pretty much died down to nothing. Keep our fingers crossed!