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15th September 2018, 01:23
I have this sword and wanted to get it repaired and was gonna do it myself but I figured I should make sure it's not worth anything before I go nuts and make it an entirely different sword. So long story short is if anyone knows what the creator stamp on the tang says let me know.11107111081110911110

15th September 2018, 01:46
The blade is a lot thicker than an katana I've seen before and all the fittings are hand carved and it just seem like there was a lot of time put into it. Is why I figured I'd check first the thick blade and longer blade curvature is is why I like it so much.

17th September 2018, 22:36
Hey John,
Welcome to e-budo.
It is almost impossible to tell anything about your sword as the pictures you provided are all pretty fuzzy. Here is my advice though ... Rotate the picture of the tang 90 degrees to the right as if the end of the tang was pointing down with the tip of the sword pointing up. This puts the signature into the proper position for reading. Then take that picture along with a close-up shot of the tip, a close up shot of the center of the blade, a close up of the fittings, and an in-focus shot of the whole blade. Post at the Nihonto message board and ask their opinion ... Nihonto Message Board (http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/). There are a lot of knowledgeable collectors there that can tell you if that is a valuable antique or not. My suspicion, based on the look of the signature, is that it is a modern made Chinese sword. However, that is simply conjecture on my part as I'm not an expert, and you should seek more knowledgeable opinions.

Let us know what you come up with!