View Full Version : "Atekomi no Juho: Off-Balancing by Striking" Instructional Video

Cady Goldfield
22nd September 2018, 05:41
Atekomi no Juho are the patterns of reception and striking that are used to create unique forces in the body of the opponent. We strike deeply to change the shape of the attack and create opportunities that we can exploit.

Salahuddin Muhammad Sensei, Director of Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu, has released his new video with nearly three hours of instruction-packed content on how martial artists can apply Atekomi no Juho to their kit of fighting skills.

This rare material is available as a permanent video link. We are offering this new-release for $50.00. Imagine, almost three hours of practical, applicable and rare material, permanently accessible to you for study and enjoyment.

Order yours now, before they are gone! Payment is via PayPal to imaspresident@gmail.com. Be sure to indicate that is for the Atekomi No Juho video.


Cady Goldfield
3rd October 2018, 04:44
Btw, this is just a promotional trailer clip. The actual video doesn't have the background music and voice-over, and is a straightforward instructional video.