View Full Version : Heading to Japan (Noda) in March 2019 for 2 weeks. And thank you

Kaiser Budo
31st January 2019, 16:09
Thank you for adding me to the site.

Question anyone know of a local sword dojo in or around the NODA region that is open for training etc. Would like to officially ask and be respectful and honorable. 1 have 35 yrs + of Martial Arts Experience.

Let me know email dbroers@shaw.ca thank you

Cady Goldfield
12th February 2019, 23:05
I hope you were able to find a sword dojo during your travels.

Lance Gatling
13th February 2019, 12:35
Presumably you're talking about Noda-shi, Chiba Prefecture
There's a Mugai ryu dojo there

And other dojo around the area