View Full Version : Koryu in West Ibaraki?

24th April 2019, 07:20

I recently moved to Japan, to a town called Bando on the Ibaraki/Chiba border.

I've a deep interest in Koryu, and would love to begin studying one. However, they are not something I can just look up online, it would seem. Further, when taking with my Japanese co-workers, none of them even knew what the term 'koryu' refers to. Anyone know if there are any legitimate Koryu in Bando or the surrounding area (Koga, Joso, Yachiyo, Sakai, Noda, Tsukuba)?

Side note: I'm aware that the Bujinkan headquarters are in Noda, which Bando borders. However, I tend to side with the Japanese government's opinion that the Bujinkan/Genbukan claims to lineage are shoddy at best, and therefore have no interest in joining up with them.

24th April 2019, 08:04
Good day,

how mobile are you? Do you have a car to rely on?


24th April 2019, 08:24
I do! I have a car, and am becoming more familiar with local transport as well.

1st May 2019, 18:53
Hi Michael,
Unfortunately, most Japanese have as little idea of koryu as most other countries. However, they all pretty much know what kendo is, and chances are good that there will be a kendo dojo somewhere in your vicinity. While kendo isn't koryu, most of the kendo instructors will also practice a koryu art whether it is koryu iaido, or another bujutsu.

They may want you to practice kendo or iaido first for a while to gauge your sincerity before introducing you to their koryu instructor. It all depends on the people and circumstances. I think that would be your best bet for finding koryu in your area.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

Emily Egan
13th May 2019, 20:33
If there is a budokan or budo goods shop in the area, they might know of local koryu. Also check out what is being offered at the local community centers. It is not uncommon for koryu groups to use public space to practice.

I know someone in Tsukuba who does MJER (Not affiliated with Kendo fed). His teacher is in Chiba City. PM me if interested.