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26th January 2020, 11:07
Any and all information would be appreciated.....

I am looking for any good links or advice for for finding some Goju Ryu to Goju Kai lineage charts that are up-to-date for all the branches of Goju Ryu (Goju Kai). International as well would be great. I have found some sources but I belong to the Goju Kai and there are a lot of other Kais out there associated with the Goju Kai in Japan.

I will thank all in advance for any and all help.

Thank you!

Cady Goldfield
29th January 2020, 14:31
Hi Mark, I'm moving your thread to Traditional Karate, at least for now. The Help forum is for issues regarding navigating this website, and technical issues.

If you would prefer that your thread be placed in Ryukyuan Unarmed Martial Arts forum, or in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum instead, I can do that. The thread can only be in one forum, but either of these would be appropriate as well.

29th January 2020, 21:10
If I have a choice then maybe the Traditional Karate would be best.....sorry for posting in the wrong place.....but it did say help and I need plenty of that these days....hahahaha

thanks again

2nd February 2020, 03:01
To those who viewed this. I found a chart on the official J.K.F. page but unfortunately it is all in Japanese and only for the Ryuha groups under the J.K.F. I am not sure how to add the attachment or whether anyone is interested. If some are I will be happy to try and figure out how to attach the file.