View Full Version : Passing of Hal Sharp

22nd March 2021, 22:50

23rd March 2021, 14:51
Sad news. He preserved so much for us, of things that in some cases are lost.

Rest in Peace.

Cady Goldfield
24th March 2021, 21:12
Thank you for posting the announcement, Jeff. Sad news, but his contributions were notable and hopefully will continue to aid in the perpetuation of traditional judo and its values.

24th March 2021, 23:39
He was a nice person; I met him a few times over the years and always enjoyed being around him. I had been fooling around with Judo from 1952 and told him I had his first book, The Sport of Judo, Kobayashi & Sharp, sometime in the 1950's, and he was thrilled I still had it. Yes, a good man.