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Cady Goldfield
14th August 2022, 13:13
Hello all,

After a long downtime in which we could not process requests to join the E-Budo forums, we finally have been able to admit new members. If you are one of them, welcome to E-Budo!

Please have a look around and check out your personal account page. You can set preferences and see what functions and options are available to you.

Also, all posts you submit should have your signature on them. It doesn't have to be your full name, but the signature should at least be your first name and last initial. This is a requirement for forum participation. You can set an automatic signature in your account preferences. Also, you can upload an avatar if you wish. The instructions and upload option also are on your account page.

We hope you enjoy the forums!

19th September 2022, 05:03
Glad to see it back!

Cady Goldfield
19th September 2022, 16:56
We're here!

Cady Goldfield
17th January 2023, 01:28
An updated Welcome to our new members. Thanks for joining us.

Although E-Budo is not as active as it was in the Golden Age of internet martial arts forums (90s and early 2000s), we still have a "live" membership and you are welcome to post your questions, historical information, budo insights, and any other relevant topics. Also, our site is a large repository and archive of budo wisdom spanning more than two decades. Many martial artists who are well-known in the Japanese budo world, have weighed in here and shared their knowledge. Some have passed on, others have moved on, but their commentary remains. Browse the forums, and you will find some real gems tucked in there.