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22nd September 2022, 19:04
Hi All, I'm brand-new to the group and while my interest primarily lies in historical European swords, we have a lot of common ground! I practice German-style longsword following the Liechtenauer tradition in Houston, TX and will be moving soon to the Santa Fe/Los Alamos area for a brief sabbatical at the Los Alamos National Lab. If you're at the University of Houston (where I'm a Chemistry/Physics Professor), I'm trying to start a campus sword-study group to practice at the UH gym.

more about me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_R._Bittner
ER Bittner

Cady Goldfield
22nd September 2022, 19:32
Thank you for the introduction, and welcome to E-Budo!
Perhaps you will find some interesting comparisons and contrasts of European sword traditions with Japanese swordsmanship, here in our forums, and will contribute some of your own insights.

We hope you enjoy the forums!