View Full Version : Need Information on Training Styles?

7th April 2001, 13:09
Could anyone tell me if you know which style of Japanese martial art was most directly influenced by shaolin white crane???

And also could someone tell me or direct me to information on the Japanese styles that were influenced by bagua/pakua and hsing-i/xingyi respectively?

Also would you know of or could you direct me to any place, person or something....who has knowledge on MA's.. .. that has a good mixture of Japanese martial arts(hybrid/combined) and a good mixture of Chinese Martial arts as well(hybrid combined) if possible.

I want to know if there are more combined arts out there, from Japan and China at least. To expand my knowledge of principles and applications. Or could you reference me to a site or book or person who would know??

Basically I strted in american karate and tkd years ago when I was younger .. and as I got older studied jkd jujutsu, and kajukenbo b/c they were hybrid arts with a little of everything... I do like hybrids b/c they are combinations of principles...

JKD is good, and I like kajukenbo pretty well , but I dont like my jujutsu class that much .. it seems like we are learning aikido under a different name ... I know they are similar.. but a friend who trains in aikido does the exact same stuff.

Anyone have any answers or leads for me??

Novice guy in TN.