View Full Version : looking for special kote

25th June 2000, 18:25
hello all,

i am in search of a pair of Oni-gote, as used in Ono-ha-Itto-ryu. they are very large kote, that have padding to almost the elbow. i believe they also have bamboo strips in them to make them more durable, and reduce the pain of contact. if anyone has even the slightest idea of where i might find a pair, please tell me. my email address is Kendoguy9@aol.com if you'd rather email me.

thank you,

Joseph Svinth
26th June 2000, 07:42
You might check with Tom Bolling -- his website is http://faculty.washington.edu/kendo -- and Kim Taylor -- his website is http://sdksupplies.netfirms.com . I seem to recall both of them having contact with custom makers.