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Lenny Sclafani
9th April 2001, 03:54
Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knows the Shorin family of Isa Kaishu Sensei, who is currently the head
of Ufuchiku-den Kobujutsu system on Okinawa. You can email me privately if you like at:


Pavel Dolgachov
10th April 2001, 11:16
I have seen some information about Ufuchiku-den Kobujutsu in Mark Bishop book "Zen Kobudo". An interesting article was published by "Bugeisha" magazine. Author Anthony Marquez meet Isa kaishu on Okianwa and became his student. This article you can find in Internet. One of URLs is: http://home.drenik.net/joemilos/bugeisha_a11.htm

I also wrote small article for my web-site http://www.karatedo.boom.ru/ufuchikuE.html
Sorry for my English.

Suddenly, I don't know anything more about this karate-kobujutsu line.

Yours sincerely,
Pavel Dolgachov