View Full Version : Omoto-Kyo and Morihei Ueshiba

Sean T. Fourkiller
11th April 2001, 04:04
In researching the history of Aikido, it seems Morihei Ueshiba hooked up with Deguchi Onisaburo, the leader of the Omoto-Kyo sect of Shinto. In reading about this sect it seems that Omoto-Kyo was an alternative form of Shinto with Deguchi Onisaburo as alternative Emperor.(he used Japanese characters usually reserved for Emperors) Is there any quantifiable influence from Omoto-Kyo in Aikido?

Jake McKee
12th April 2001, 13:07
'Kotodama', which involces chanting of Japanese syllables in a particular order is one thing that Ueshiba Sensei followed which came from Omoto Kyo. There are many other things that are done in Aikido which come from Shinto, clapping, having a mini shrine in the dojo, etc, but I'm not sure you could say they are specifically Omoto Kyo.