View Full Version : Owari Kan-ryu

Andrei Arefiev
11th April 2001, 13:35

I've recently gotten a few questions that I'd really love to find answers to. Here is the first, the rest will go to another thread.

In a different post in the Jo forum Daniel Lee posted the following link:


Among other things this page has pictures of an Owari Kan-ryu demonstration. What I find surprising is the range of weapons that are used by this school. So far I've only known about this style from "Koryu bujutsu" and an article by Hunter Armstrong, and believed that they practice sojutsu and some Shinkage-ryu sword techniques, but in these pictures they also show naginata and some sword work using rather long swords. The kenjutsu picture there also shows, I believe, nito, which is not mentioned in "Koryu bujutsu".

Could anyone comment on these? I'd love to know more.

Thank you.