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14th August 2000, 14:18
Help ???

Can anyone out there advise me of the existence of authentic Aiki Jujutsu instruction in the UK (Preferable S.Wales but frankly I'll walk to London if I have to!)

Many thanks in advance.

15th August 2000, 10:28
Nice to hear from you again, Robert. Have you tried the Aikido Journal online? There is a link on the first Aikijujutsu page. Ask the editor/administrator, Stan Pranin. I know it is aikido, and that you really want aiki jj, but S. Pranin is the foremost authority on daito ryu aikijujutsu, and if there is one near you, he would be the one to ask.

Take it easy, Bud.

Brently Keen
16th August 2000, 01:08
Whoa Mark,

Just for clarification:

While Stanley is certainly an authority on Aikido history, and Aikido Journal/Aiki News books and videos are a great source of information on Daito-ryu in English, I'm sure he'd be the first to admit he's not by any stretch of the imagination the "foremost authority" on Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu.

I do not know of any recognized branches of Daito-ryu operating in the UK at this time. The closest I know of is the Roppokai branch in Denmark. However, Stanley might well know of someone there, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask him.

Brently Keen

16th August 2000, 11:51
Waht you said at the end of the post was all I meant. Probably I should have stated that he has knowledge of most ot the legitimate daitoryu aiki jj dojo. I did say it was aikido, as well, but since hee knows what it up, I did think he was the one person who might know. I was not trying to do anything except give answer as to whom to ask for the information. Even you alluded to the fact he may know of one, if it exists in Robert's rather large backyard.

Matthew Banks
14th April 2001, 13:10
Hi there,

Do you know of any Daito Ryu or any other Koryu Jujutsu teachers with legitimate backgrounds in the uk.

please help any information would be much appreciated

Matt Banks

Nathan Scott
25th April 2001, 23:57

Looks like there are no hits so far. You might pick up "Conversations with Daito ryu Masters", edited by Stanley Pranin and published by AikiNews.

There is a short dojo listing in the background. If you were to contact some of these branches, you might be able to get further information.


17th May 2001, 07:15

There's a gentleman called Quentin Chambers who runs a M/A co. called Nine Cirlcles that i think may do AJJ.

He has a website (no URL to hand as i'm working :) ) which will no doubt have info. If you can't find it mail me and i'll dig out the address for you.

If you find anything else also let me know please (I live in the UK to).



17th May 2001, 09:18
The website has been updated recently and all....


11th April 2004, 00:34
I have been practising atemi jujutsu now for 4 years and recently started aikido, and have decided I would rather train in a koryu style of jujutsu rather than a modern one. I have discussed this in the general JJ forum and now want to discuss it with ppl who are more likely to be able to direct me to a club or oganization.

So does anybody know of any dojo or organizations for AJJ or any koryu style of JJ in the UK that they could refer me to?

Thanks in advance

7th August 2004, 22:25
Just wondering if there are any Aikijujutsu dojo anywhere in england.


8th August 2004, 16:29
Just to clarify,

The head of Nine Circles is Mr Quentin Ball, Not chambers.

His Dojo is in Gloucester and we practice Daito ryu under Mr Okabayashi Shogen.


Tim Soehner
23rd October 2005, 21:22
A Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai study group is now available in the Oxfordshire area of the UK.

Tim Soehner

Nathan Scott
24th October 2005, 21:50
Hello Tim,

I've merged your thread w/ an existing one on AJJ in the UK.

Good luck to you,

25th October 2005, 13:32
for some links to other koryu in the uk please see