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15th April 2001, 22:23
Japanese Budo and Bujutsu ?E

NINE QUESTIONS = 3 mins Help a guy out??E

(This should only take you around 3 minuets and you would really be helping me out. If you do have the time to answer the questions below please Email me your answers as soon as you can, I have to finish compiling most of the data over the next few days.

The results of this short questionnaire will be used as part of the research I am conducting in order to write my graduation thesis for a B.A in Japanese Studies. More details availiable to anyone who is interested.

Below are nine questions I am hoping to ask practitioners of various Japanese forms of Budo and Bujutsu. The more people that answer this questionnaire the more meaningful my paper will become. Thanks in advance to those of you who had the time ?EAndy Cefai.

Note - I am sure some of these questions appear blindingly obvious, but I am writing my paper for a non-martial art audience so please be patient.)

1. What disciplines do you practice?
For each discipline you listed please indicate if you consider it to be
A. Budo
B. Bujutsu
C. A mixture
D. Not sure

2. How long have you been practicing the martial arts for in total?

3. What is your primary reason for training? Please indicate with a YES the one that most applies to you.

A. For self protection/ So that you can fight if you ever have to
B. Physical fitness
C. Mental fitness
D. Spiritual development
E. For enjoyment
F. Out of interest (i.e. historical, artistic and so on)
G. Other ?Eplease state briefly if you can

4. Do you agree with the following?

i. Disciplines that contain sporting elements can still be considered as budo. YES/NO/NOT SURE

ii. Disciplines that contain sporting elements can still be considered as bujutsu. YES/NO/NOT SURE

iii. The aims of modern (post 1868) budo are different to those of classical (pre 1868) budo YES/NO/NOT SURE

iv. The aims of modern (post 1868) bujutsu are different to those of classical (pre 1868) bujutsu YES/NO/NOT SURE

v. The aims of bujutsu and budo are different YES/NO/NOT SURE

(If you answered YES to 'iv' or 'v' and if you have the time, would you be kind enough to write a few lines about what you feel are the important differences. Entirely optional. )

6. If you have ever had to fight do you feel your training helped you as much as you expected? YES/NO

7. If you ever have to fight do you expect your training to increase your chances? YES/NO

8. Which of the following do you consider the most important attribute to have to survive a fight?
i. A strong and flexible body
ii. A strong spirit/strong mental resolve
iii. A high level of skill

9. Are you satisfied with your training? YES/NO

Now please Email this to me at onkochishin@hotmail.com cheers and good training!