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John Lindsey
22nd April 2001, 20:52
Our next Trivia Trek will be starting this week. This time, the Trek is sponsored by Japanese Treasures. The prize will be a custom hanging wall scroll with your choice of kanji, plus the right to claim the title of e-budo’s reigning trivia grandmaster.

Phase one will be the qualifying round. On Monday night, I will post a list of ten questions related to Japanese martial arts, culture, and history. Answer them the best that you can and email me the results at: e-budo@houston.rr.com . After 24 hours, I will score them and pick the top ten contestants.

Phase two will consist of the top 10 contestants being invited into a special forum. Each person will have their own message thread titled with their name. Each day, I will post one question and you have 24 hours to answer it by posting a reply onto your message thread. These replies are moderated, which means that the moderator (me) has to approve them before they will show. This way, nobody can see what the others are posting. At the end of 24 hours, I will reveal the answer and those who have gotten it wrong will have their message thread closed. This will repeat until we have one person remaining. There will be a few surprises along the way as well.

John Lindsey
24th April 2001, 02:17
I just got a letter from Uncle Sam today. Seems that he wants me to to go for two weeks or Army Reserve training starting on May 4th. Thus, I want to hold off on the trivia until I get back later in the month...sorry.

24th April 2001, 13:15
Mr. Lindsey,

Be sure to have fun while you are out there. And, a BIG thanks for serving!

Gary Beckstedt
"A well armed society is a POLITE society"