View Full Version : Posting guidelines, hints, and tricks.

John Lindsey
25th April 2001, 22:18
The following are the basic guidelines that all members should try and follow.

1. Post to the correct forum. Take the time to make sure your message will end up in the most appropriate forum. The memberís lounge is not the default posting forum. The lounge is designed for off topic, snotty, drunken discussions.

2. Use the ignore feature. If you donít like to read the posts from certain members, add them to your ignore list.

3. Post for a reason. Think before you post. Does your reply add to the conversation? Quoting a previous message and adding ďU rule Dude!Ē along with 50 smilies is not the way to do it.

4. Donít learn grappling arts from teachers with pony tails.

5. Stay on topic. Thread drift is common, but you can stop it by posting a new message and quote the original one.

6. All your budo, are belong to us!

7. Be nice to Newbies. Donít flame new members about breaking the rules.

8. Any posts related to beer or single malt scotch are not considered off topic.

9. Keep your signature block for signatures. Donít overload it with graphics and huge quotes, which tend to make threads larger and requiring more scrolling.

10. Buy lots of stuff from Mark Brecht so he is happy and can afford his medication.