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John Lindsey
2nd May 2001, 05:09
If you are an author or editor and interested in having your own forum to discuss your book, please contact the forum administrators by Private Message.

If I feel the subject of your book is of interest to our members, a forum will be provided at no charge. The only requirement is that you maintain an active membership to be available to answer any questions.

10th December 2006, 21:12

I am in the final stages of work on the above project and am interested in finding out what I'd need to do to list it here. Please let me know.


John Lindsey
12th December 2006, 17:56
Let me know when you are ready to sell the book, and we will have a spotlight on Budo forum just for you.

23rd July 2012, 13:25
Hi I recently completed a translation of Nijutsu no Gokui. I posted on it on the blog but I wasnt able to send a mail to the address you listed for some reason.
How can I go about getting it listed?

Thanks for your time

eric shahan