View Full Version : Etiquette and Visiting Instructors

15th May 2001, 07:08
I live in Japan. Some of the list members have been here, and know of some of the people in this area (i.e. Camp Zama).

We will be putting on the 2nd Annual 4th of July Martial Arts Demonstration this year. Last year the demo was a 5 hour event with over 50 demonstration participants representing 7 different martial styles and traditions.

This year, I have the unique opportunity (as a Chinese stylist) to be able to invite the Japanese head instructors of Chinese styles located in the Tokyo area (specifically Harajuku and Shibuya).

My question - what is the proper method of making the invitation in the first place, receiving the guest instructor (and/or his students), and saying goodbye? While I have many Japanese friends, none are quite so "budo kichigai" as I am, and while they are familiar (of course) with typical Japanese etiquette, they are unaware of any specifically martial courtesies that should be observed...

I hope this attracts the attention of Mr. Powers and Mr. Drawdy specifically, but anyone else who cares to comment, please do so.

Thank you.

Matt Stone