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Dave Lowry
20th May 2001, 12:45
Does anyone remember a movie from the early 80s called "Masters of Go" or "Go Masters?" About a pair of professional go players, one Chinese, the other Japanese, during the very early Showa era. Part of the film was in Japanese with Chinese/English subtitles, part was in Chinese with Japanese/English subtitles. Good bit of cinema and I wonder if it's available on video?



25th May 2001, 21:05
I remember seeing the movie back in 1988 or 89. Its an excellent movie and I've often looked for it on video myself, but with no luck. If you do find it, would you please post where its available? I will continue to try to find it, as well.


26th May 2001, 18:59

I think that this link http://www.cinefilevideo.com/sales.html could maybe help you find the movie your looking for.

I hope it helps.

4th June 2001, 03:38

The European Go Federation keeps a little list of Go film titles. Much of the list was compiled a few years ago from contributions to the Go Newsgroup (I contributed #17), but is updated regularly. Information on the film you're looking for is listed first.


Go to NEWS ... then find INTERNET GO FILMOGRAPHY listed.

I'd like to see it!