View Full Version : Software upgrade

John Lindsey
22nd May 2001, 13:52
Last night I updated our software to version 2.0. The search function should be back to normal now...please give it a test.

There are a few new features too, but I will let you discover em :)

Mark Brecht
22nd May 2001, 14:06
B A N Z A I ! ! !

I have only been a few minutes online... but so far it seems to be awesome...

John, as always excellent job ! ! !

PS: :up: N O W.. Where is my banner... HE HE HE...

PS2: No, kidding... E-budo has has and will always be State of the Art and the top quality board on BUDO...

John Lindsey
22nd May 2001, 19:07
I still have a few bugs with some graphics, but the upgrade is working fine. My next job is to upgrade the forum templates. They changed the code and I have to learn the new system.