View Full Version : 55th Honinbo - Game 4

30th June 2000, 20:11

Game 4 of the 55th Honinbo was played on 06/28-29/2000 in Oita, Japan.

Here's the game record: Black - O Meien; White - Cho Sonjin

Moves 1-100

Moves 101-166
W142@n12; B145@M12

White wins by resignation after moves 166. Time used: Black - 7 hr 59 min; White 7 hr 55 min

Series tied at 2 games apiece.

A very interesting game. The opening seems like a varient of a fairly new opening called the "Sideways Chinese" opening up to move 11 (but an unusual varient, if it is). I haven't studied this game enough to make more comments ... feel free to make comments or ask questions.

(55th Honinbo source - Mainichi Shinbun at http://www.mainichi.co.jp/life/hobby/igo00/02/index.html ) (Above graphics created courtesy of software on Jansteen's site at http://www.cwi.nl/people/jansteen/sgf2misc/online.html )

If you're having troubles visualizing the course of the game with this game record, I would be happy to e-mail the game record in .sgf format (with instructions) to anyone.

Anyway ... during the coming week, I'll present a famous game(2nd Kisei, game 5) that illustrates the "Chinese Opening" very well. (BTW, currently ... the winner of the Kisei each year is awarded approx. $300,000 - $350,000! That's not pocket change!)