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Paul Steadman
4th June 2001, 13:25
Hi Nathan,

Is the Shinkendo book by Obata Sensei a text version of the Shinkendo video from 94/95? I liked the video, and I have all of Obota Sensei's other books and videos.

Your instructor's earliest books and magazine articles (Int'l & Australian mag's) was one of the inspirations for me to pursue the true Budo of Japan especially the koryu!


Paul Steadman

Nathan Scott
14th June 2001, 21:46
Hello Paul-san,

The shinkendo video is a good overall reference as well, but the two were not written specifically to be a set.

However, come to think of it, alot of the basics are covered in this video, and it is a good reference. Anyone interested in this video (or others) can find more information on our home page:


I'm hoping to get permission from Obata sensei to post the historical section of his "Samurai Aikijutsu" book on our upcoming aiki-buken web page. There is alot of good information in his older publications.

Sensei will be glad to hear that his articles and books had a positive influence on you. I'll be sure to print up your post and show him.


14th June 2001, 22:21
I find the two items to be complimentary. I keep both of them with me when I travel because it's great to be able to refer to the book when on a plane, and then practice along with the video in a hotel (as long as you're not in a tiny New York hotel room!).

Nathan Scott
14th June 2001, 22:34
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the "testimonial"!

BTW, the newest honbu dojo class photo is finally up on the web page. Too bad we couldn't get everyone there at the same time, but it came out pretty good and I added the names of those missing below.