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11th June 2001, 06:22
I recently got the BRD and after spending 2 hours translating, ninja, sword, and 'happens to be present' I decided it was about time to call in some ninja backup. Would someone happen to have a translated copy of the 'index' of the BRD, where each ryu-ha is listed. If I am reading this book correctly, this would save me much time. Also can someone confirm my finding that the Kumogakure Ryu-ha Entry is on page 248. Also, I am looking for someone who would be willing to share their existing english translations of individual ryu-ha, of course I would share all my findings also.

Arigato Gozaimasu,

Joseph Swartz
Bujinkan Kuzuryu Dojo

16th June 2001, 01:54
Hi Joe,

I'm the guy you bought the BRD from. Unfortunately, there is no Kumogakure Ryu listed in the BRD. I'm guessing from the romaji that it read kumo (cloud) ga kure(hide). Everything on page 248 is a Kurama Ryu of one sort or another.

Peter Boylan
Mugendo Budogu Martial Arts Books, Videos and Equipment

18th November 2008, 21:53

In the 1978 edition of the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten

Kumogakure Ryu is on page 247 bottom right hand corner

I have attached the excerpt from the book

It only lists the denkei