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18th June 2001, 02:46
Hi Everybody!
Hi Sensei Nathan!

Just wanted to get my shout out for this book! It is so AWESOME! So well written! So informative! I recently started training in Shinkendo again with Sensei Gene Haunstein here in AZ, and it was helpful on the off days to be able to see the pictrures to jog my memory for kata like Shoden.

Again, awesome book, a must have!
Darrell :wave:

Nathan Scott
11th July 2001, 20:33
Hi Darrell,

Good to hear from you! I'm happy to hear that you've returned to training.

We have gotten alot of positive feedback from shinkendo students about this book. Many people were unclear on the structure of shinkendo as well as definitive english translations.

Hope to see you soon. Obata sensei will be happy to read your comments here!

Nathan Scott