View Full Version : Mod off the Internet, Sorry

24th June 2001, 09:08
Hi, All o' ya,
I've been having glitches which as left me without access to e-budo at times so I apologize if there have been any problems (I doubt that, as we have a "Bad Budo" forum, the Judo Forum is one of the nice, or Good Budo Forums (OK, for those who think judo not to be budo, it is only for effect, but bugei, certainly).

It will be like this for a few days, but you can always e-mail me with any questions, software problems posting here, etc. at MarkIV2001@aol.com. I am changing ISPs too so will have a new email address as soon as I receive the software. I tried downloading it, against my better judgment, and what I received said I had to free up 80,000,000 KB to install it. This after an hour and a half of download time.

So I await the company's CD.

Thanks to anyone who covered for me.:wave: