View Full Version : Criteria for buying a katana

A. Cejunior
29th June 2001, 17:27
Well folks,

I've seen some posts here and elsewhere about bargain katanas and my conclusion is that there's no such thing as good quality unexpensive sword.

Production katanas have a cost. CAS IBERIA carry a lot of the Hanwei stuff which is not inspected, while BUGEI has Ted Tenold inspect all their swords. I once had a small accident with one of my Bamboo kats and they replaced it immediately. It was a slightly bent tip of the kissaki.
They cost more, but then you have quality control and a for life foam packing also.

Then you have the new Cicada Forge katanas which are produced under specifications of a bladesmith, and are great cutters.

Then you have Nosyuiaido Steel Iaito that are not cheap.

All have a price tag that is proportional to their quality and reliability. It is understandable that folks try to buy under a bargain, but I would rather save and buy one good katana then one that is cheaper but will end up chipping.

I'd like to hear your opinion on this issue since, over the years, I have collected some swords, both author's swords and production swords that I have upgraded:


Shall we discuss on quality vs. price?
Regards to all.