View Full Version : Nihon budo Kokusai Renmei

John Lindsey
11th July 2001, 01:40
I recently watched a video from BAB that was originally done in the early 90's I think. The video was done on a stage with a Japanese flag and the BIF flag hanging in the background. The reason I originally got it was because my Teacher, Shoto Tanemura Sensei is on it showing Kukishin-ryu bikenjutsu.

There are some very interesting sword ryuha shown, that I had forgotten about. One of them is an older gentleman with a white "Abe Lincoln" style beard and a ponytail. Does anyone know who this is?

I also recognised kata from Asa Yama Ichiden-ryu, but don't know who the sensei was.

I think our very own Patrick McCarthy is on there as well, demonstrating karate.

At the very end, Sugino Sensei and his students show his "katori shinto-ryu" as well.

Anyone else seen this video or have any comments about this organization?