View Full Version : Question on teaching in university setting

17th July 2001, 14:43
Hello all,
I am a new member here and would like to ask for comments or suggestions on how to instruct a large university class in Kendo. I have been instructing Kendo for 5 years now through the university and am continually debating on whether or not to hold an official class. As of now we are an intermural club that is recognized by the university. The questions I have include how to get enough Bogu for students to use? Should I push students through the basics quickly so they can experience Bogu or should I hold two classes, beginner and advanced? Any suggestions to this topic would be greatly apprecieated. Thank you very much for your time and I hope everyone has a good day.


Bustillo, A.
27th July 2001, 15:38
To avoid buying extra equipment, establish 2 seperate classes. Especiaaly if the Ubiversity has no problem with giving you a room/gym, and you have no scheduling problems.

Antonio Bustillo