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19th July 2001, 17:27
Does anyone here know of any sites/books/videos (perferably sites, then books) that discuss information on the 3 section staff? I think it is called the San Jie Gun (from what I heard). I have never seen any information on it, other than one picture in a book. I was wanting to see how it was used and all. Thanks.

Scott Rehark

Doug Daulton
21st July 2001, 16:07

While I believe Taira Sensei investigated this weapon, it was never made part of the formal curriculum by Taira or, I believe, by his two successors, Akamine or Inoue. So, to the best of my knowledge the Matayoshi kobudo line is the only Ryukyuan school that incorporates this weapon in their study.

So, do a Google search with these three keywords ... Matayoshi, kobudo, 'three sectional staff' ... that should get you what you are looking for regarding the use of this weapon in the Ryukyus. This weapon is a carryover from mainland Chinese traditions. So if you want to get to the root, you should also check those traditions as well.


John Bowden
3rd August 2001, 15:40
Matayoshi Kobudo does include 3section staff.

You can see an example of the Matayoshi kata on one of the available videos (Not the ones from Tsunami video.)

There is also a demonstration of 3section staff vs. two staff opponents kumite.

I'm not familiar with any systems that really emphasize 3 section staff though. I think even in chinese styles, it's more of an oddity.

It's real nifty in demonstrations though.

John Bowden