View Full Version : does yoshinkan aikido teach striking?

19th July 2001, 21:49

I am considering taking yoshinkan aikido. I am wondering if it teaches REALISTIC striking as it is my understanding that the other styles do not.


19th July 2001, 22:36
The Yoshinkan classes that I observed (I'm aikikai style myself) have not taught striking in the sense that I think you mean it. The flip side of this coin is: what do you mean by 'realistic' striking? If you mean a strike primarily used to inflict damage, than aikido is probably not the best place to look. Most atemi is used in order to draw an attackers attention during a critical phase of a technique(i.e- to avoid giving them the chance to strike when you have an exposed target). If you are looking for karate/tae kwan do style punches and kicks, then my feeling is that you are not going to find an aikido style that will suit your needs. Maybe look into some jujitsu schools, or hap(han)kido. Of course, this isn't an infallable blanket statement. There certainly may be aikido schools that put more emphasis on strikes, but in general, it is does not fit with the 'flavor' of aikido.

clay collier

20th July 2001, 01:10
Good answer. Any of the pre-war styles Yoshinkan, Yosiekan, Shodokan incorporate atemi waza. Depending on the teacher many Aikikai groups do also. However, as stated, what you will see is a bit different than the popular conception of what atemi is.


Personally from what I have seen and done in several of the PK arts - reallistic punching are not taught there either at least at the beginning levels.

I did Nippon Kempo for a few years which is basically Japanese boxing wearing head and body protection. The use of ma-ai and taisabaki are so similar to the Aikido that I practice now. The punching and movements were very fluid and full contact. The concepts have not left me and fit very nicely into my Aikido.

So what to do. Find a good Aikido dojo and take some boxing lessons. Best way to learn how to hit is to take a few. Wear head protection.

Jeff Hamacher
23rd July 2001, 01:34
Originally posted by growant
I am considering taking yoshinkan aikido. I am wondering if it teaches REALISTIC striking as it is my understanding that the other styles do not.
i think both responses above address the central issue: since aikido and a number of other japanese systems of unarmed combat don't put great emphasis on using strikes to actually inflict harm, aikido may not be your choice. on the other hand, if by "realistic strikes" you mean practising atemi in such a way that it really does create kuzushi to set up a technique, then i can tell you that some teachers might give you what you want. i train under Aikikai as well, and just a few months ago i took a fairly strong shot to the jaw from my teacher because my reponse to his atemi was sluggish.

visit some dojo, watch how the training proceeds, and try to get a handle on how the teacher encourages his students to train. you may also want to catch the teacher at the end of class (assuming you don't impose on their schedule) ask a few questions. you may have to visit a few times or check out several different dojo, but the research should pay off in satisfaction with your training.

cheers, jeff hamacher