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Nicki Gerstner
22nd July 2001, 13:04
Hello all,

IŽd like to know whether someone knows about a picture of Takemikazuchi no Mikoto.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...


22nd July 2001, 21:21

Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto is on top.


This painting scroll portrays the two deities departing the eastern provinces to Kasuga Shrine. According to the history of the shrine, Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto, the first of the four deities of the shrine, was invited from Kashima in Hitachi Province (modern Ibaraki Prefecture)and arrived riding a white deer in 768. In the Japanese mythology recorded in the histories such as Kojiki and Nihon-shoki in the 8th century, he was described as a sword spirit and a martial deity. Futsunushi-no-Mikoto, the second deity invited from Katori in Shimousa Province (modern Chiba Prefecture), is also portrayed in this image. The deities are visualized as noblemen mounted on white deer. The two men depicted in the lower-right part of the image are priests of the shrine, Nakatomi-no-Tokikaze and Nakatomi-no-Hideyuki.

By Noboru Ogata, Kyoto University


Nicki Gerstner
23rd July 2001, 14:26
Hello Guy,

thanks a lot!