View Full Version : Martial arts media (mis)representations

23rd July 2001, 06:58
Could anyone please guide me regarding media content analysis of the representations or misrepresentations of the martial traditions in film media?
Film media plays a great role in creating realities, accurate or not, in the minds of its audiences. The average viewer who is uninitiated or uninformed about the rich cultural value of the martial traditions may develop misconceptions regarding the arts as a result of mirepresentation by film media. Currently, I am gathering information on related articles about the topic. Would anyone who has engaged in such a study or who has merely considered the possibility please volunteer any assistance in my endeavor? Any advice or assistance in this study would be highly appreciated.

Joseph Svinth
31st July 2001, 09:38
Even in documentaries, the factor driving MA in Hollywood/Hong Kong/London/Bombay/New York is not slavish accuracy, but instead what looks good. The film industry is about making money, or trying to, and bottom line is everything. (Yes, you could make your own film, but even that is going to cost you a few hundred thousand bucks, and self-produced films have a hard time getting distributed.)

As for TV as a medium, I believe it was Rod Serling who said that it is very hard to say something profound when every twelve minutes you're interrupted by singing bears selling toilet paper.

31st July 2001, 09:46
Rod seemed to manage on many occasions, but essentially, It could not have been said better.