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Bustillo, A.
24th July 2001, 12:49
Steady Training describes the lessons, experiences and perspectives of a martial artist.

The story describes 30 years of training with eminent instructors offering insight on the 'old school' mindset; the outlook led to the approach of noncommercial, practical, combat effective methods.

The narrative points out little known key historical information
and includes stories of dangerous hard-earned lessons while working as a police officer. In addition, firsthand accounts of real-life streetfights.

Different styles and instructors receive noteworthy mention.

Highlighted are:

*Tomosaburo Okano and Kenkojuku Shotokan.

*Three of Okano's top men; T.Akuzawa, Toyotaro Miyazaki, K.Sugimoto.

*Ken Ogawa (Goju) a fierce fighter from Morio Higaonna's Yoyogi dojo.

*1979 AAU Nationals

*Ryobukai, Kiyoshi Yamazaki

*Kyokushinkai, Ashihara Karate, Enshin. The Sabaki Challenge.

*Chapter on South American dojos

*Police Academy self-defense training

*Police Patrol, City of Miami

*Self-defense street encounters.

Regardless of rank, or time training, martial artist will relate to many of the stories.

Book web page www.geocities.com/steadytraining
For further details and reviews check Amazon.com
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25th July 2001, 15:21
Having had the opportunity to train with Tony Bustillo, I can tell you that he believes in a "no nonsense" approach to budo. The old timers at my dojo fondly remember that it was one of the few times that we visited another school and they gave us something to think about. Tony Bustillo is an authentic karateka.
--Dr. J. R. Cespedes

Bustillo, A.
26th July 2001, 12:33
Dr cespedes,

It has been 7 or 8 years since we trained togther.

You had a good group of students. I remember that the workouts were productive and both of our groups benefited from the exhange.

Looking forward to training with you again.
Whenever you get around to it, your feedback about the book is most welcomed.


Antonio Bustillo
Coral Gables, Florida

Kyokuyama Dojo
27th July 2001, 17:23
I read you book Mr Bustillo and some of my students as well, we think you write a very good book, and we would like to say: CONGRATULAIONS ! Keep going.


Bustillo, A.
28th July 2001, 14:05

Don't hesitate to ask if your students have any questions.


A. Bustillo
Coral Gables, Florida

Bustillo, A.
6th January 2002, 17:15
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