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John Lindsey
25th July 2001, 15:09
Well, my 8 year old hard drive finally gave out and I am in the process of installing a new 60 gig IBM drive today. I have been offline all this week, so if you sent me an email recently, that is why I have not been able to respond. I should be back online at home tonight if everything goes ok...

John Lindsey
28th July 2001, 20:50
Well, I finally got the new HD installed along with Windows ME.

If you had sent me any emails over the past few weeks and have not received a reply, please send them again.

John Lindsey
29th July 2001, 23:39
PC is fine, but the darn cable modem connection has been down all weekend. I had to sneak into work today just to post this.

Man, it sure if hard to live without the internet...